What do you remember from the 90's (10 photos)

Today it is easy to believe that a group of "Ivanushki" was considered unshakable pop titan, Pugachev met with Kirkorov, and in the center of St. Petersburg could put a grenade government motorcades. 90s - light, energetic time. To some it seems a sad, someone fun.

In the era of the collapse of the ideals of the "Soviet morality" in almost every yard was a company ready to tuck under her stall, shop, factory, and then - and then bigger.

Problem 2000s
Most software developers then released software with the expectation of the date of 1990. A change of the millennium could instantly cut down hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, disrupting the coordination of different services. In Russia in 1998 he created a committee to address the issue. As it turned out, and then nothing happened.

Boris Yeltsin
The strange tricks Russian President delivered a lot. Moreover, the stories are still there. The story about the Russian president conducts the orchestra a little surprised. But Bill Clinton in 2009, newspaper The Daily Mail told how Yeltsin in his shorts caught a taxi at the White House during his visit to America. Anyway, imagine that Putin's hunting riding a camel in Iraq! Yeltsin could otchebuchit absolute pun on the next statement, and then the press service had to make excuses, saying, you know, the President was unsteady, not because I drank too much, but because he was sick.

Said first mobile phones "real kids" were stolen funds due to post-Soviet military bases. The truth we hardly know already.

The series
Some people believe that the "Just Mary" and other tragedies Buenos Aires looked domohozyaki. But often they watched their husbands and children. Then, when it became Santa Barbara, a time to start a real serial boom. But it's not so interesting as to recall, for example, that "advanced Housewives" while watched "Dynasty"! It was in Santa Barbara for the glamorous.


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