American Susanne Eman wants to become the fattest in the history of the bride (17 photos)

Susanne Eman, went to the diet of 20 thousand calories a day to 30 thousand, to "get better for the wedding»!

Susanne Eman, 33, an unemployed single mother from Arizona met her future fiance online. She now weighs almost 236 kg, but its goal before the wedding to gain weight to 725 kg. Before the wedding, there's not much in this Susanne eats 30 000 calories a day: pancakes huge size, Belgian waffles, steaks and giant omelets with 12 eggs, which prepares her future husband.

Her wedding dress will be the size of XXXXXXXXXL, for which you will need 14 meters of chiffon

Let's see those diet per day, you need to eat to get 21,000 daily calories.


6 eggs cooked in oil = 468 cal.
Half a pound of bacon = 1168 cal.
Fried potatoes with cheese = 672 calories.
6 buttered toast = 600 calories.
Milk cocktail = 1160 calories.
Crackers = 1950 calories.
2-liter soda = 800 calories.
Bag Of Barbeque Chips = 1, 650 calories.
Three cheese sandwich = 1576 calories.

Lunch turned out only 2 light meals

A triple serving of beef, beans and green chili with sour cream Burritos = 1453 calories. Salad with bacon, cheese and chicken = 1479 calories


12 Tacos = 4906 calories.
2-liter soda = 800 calories.
8 servings of ice cream = 2,080 calories.
Baking = 1200 calories ...

In total, 21962 CALORIES.


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