Susanne Eman eats 30,000 calories a day, to become the fattest bride in the world

Susanne Eman weighs a staggering 245 kg, and continues to gain weight. Unlike most other brides, she wants to gain as much weight. 33-year-old woman from Arizona for the first time appeared in the local news in the past year.

She shocked the tabloids, saying that hopes to become "the most fat bride in the world." Suzanne has two sons, 16-year-old Gabriel and 12-year-old Brandon. Together with them, she visits a supermarket where spend up to 8 hours, filling six trolleys products.

Susanne Eman gradually increased the number of calories in the past year she used on the day of 20 000 calories, and now the diet increased to 30,000 calories a day. Her future husband, 35-year-old Parker Clack, works as a chef. Suzanne met him on the Internet and believes that their marriage is made in heaven, because Parker loves to eat and prefers women with more weight. Suzanne has never been slim, two years ago, she noticed that finally losing the battle against excess weight. But some time later, the woman noticed that the fullness makes it attractive to some men. This gave her confidence. The woman decided to take ten years to ensure that achieve the cherished goal - to weigh 725 kg.

Currently, Taylor is working on a wedding dress Suzanne. His tailoring need 14 meters of fabric. The dress is almost complete, but it got so severe that, in addition to the bride, still need the help of three people to carry the dress. In addition, the process will take about half an hour to put on. Sister Suzanne, Cassie, was somewhat disappointed to learn that the bride weighs only 245 kg instead of the expected 725 kg.

Cassie sure that her sister became a beauty, gaining a couple hundred extra padding, but doctors warn that weight gain is fraught with problems with blood pressure and other health troubles.



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