16 of the most unusual in the world of women. Representatives of the Guinness World Records.

Each woman is unique. But some are so unique that very much stands out against the rest. Edition Ofigenno.cc will introduce you 16 most extraordinary women of our planet.

These women are unique for different reasons. Many of them are badly affected by congenital diseases or abnormalities. And some specially altered his appearance to match whatever their false ideals. In any case, each of them trying to live a normal life and be happy that the fate that awaits her.

Elisani Silva

It is the tallest girl in the world. Its height is 206 centimeters. And she reached him even in the age of 14. This gigantism is associated with disease of the pituitary gland, which controls the height of a man. Three years ago Elisani removed the tumor, and since then she has stopped growing.

Jyoti Amge

The smallest woman on the planet was born in 1993 in India. For 18 years its growth was less than 70 centimeters, and weighs only 12 kilograms. The girl suffers from achondroplasia caused by mutations in the growth hormone receptor. Despite its dwarf growth Jyoti tries to live a normal life. Her dream is to become an actress or a model. At leisure, sew clothes for themselves and making jewelry.

Charity Pierce

This girl is recognized as the heaviest woman in the world. Its weight is 347 kilograms. Despite its intimidating size and almost immobile lifestyle, Charity Pierce could find love and is now actively engaged in losing weight began to walk on their own to the altar.

Valeria Lukyanova

A native of Odessa, known as the "living Barbie doll," although its offensive nickname. She argues that power is being Amatue with the Pleiades star cluster, which is embodied in the human body. In her confession, the only plastic surgery that she did this increase in breast size by two. And the rest of the body is natural and natural. Skeptics doubt it. The truth, as usual, is somewhere nearby.

Mandy Sellars

The woman suffers from Proteus syndrome, which made her the owner of the world's largest feet. The upper torso girl weighs just 38 kilograms, while the bottom - as many as 95! Despite the difficulties, which gives the disease, Mandy Sellars graduated from the University of Central Lancashire and received a bachelor's degree of psychology.

Atay Eligidagne

20-year-old Ethiopian Atay Eligidagne is in the lower lip disk circumference nearly 60 centimeters! This tradition of "decorating" themselves for a year before the wedding, followed by all the girls of the tribe, however, managed to insert itself Atay greatest labial disc and thus get into the Guinness Book.

Penny Brown

This girl is making every conceivable effort to become as similar to Jessica Rabbit - the heroine of the animated film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." For this purpose, Penny Brown, 23 hours a day pulls itself tight corset to get a wasp waist, like her heroine. As a result, the internal organs are affected, the girl is very difficult to eat and even to sit. But Penny Brown says it's worth it to sound like a cartoon character.

Aneta Florchik

Polish weightlifter known for its extraordinary power. It is able to squeeze out 500 kilograms in powerlifting, which is a record for women. In addition, it has a little more fun record. For example, Aneta Florchik managed for two minutes to lift his head above the 12 adult males! And for a moment I turned straw 5 pans.

Asha Mandela

American Asha Mandela is the owner of the longest dreadlocks. To achieve this, Asha is not shear the hair for 25 years. Length of dreadlocks is almost 17 meters, and weighs about 19 such hairstyle kilogram! In order to wash and dry your hair, women need up to 50 hours. In addition, the hair of this length deliver a host of other inconveniences, but Ash refuses to shear at least a strand.


This 40-year-old American became famous because of its unusually large hips. Their girth reaches 240 centimeters! Mikel said that she has no health problems and it is completely satisfied with himself and his life. And her husband tells her every day that she - the most beautiful woman in the world.

Suzanne Mushatta Jones

Currently Mushatta Suzanne Jones is the oldest person in the world. She was born the century before last, namely: July 6, 1899. Suzanne has always led a healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact that now she is forced to move around in a wheelchair, Suzanne Mushatta Jones claims that feels good!

Julie midges

Julia midges is the tattooed woman in the world. Her body has more than 400 tattoos. Hire the services of tattoo parlors Julia forced a skin disease. After contact with the body of ultraviolet rays, the skin was covered with burns women, which remained after the terrible scars. Julia decided not to go to the aid of plastic surgeons, and hid his scars under tattoos.

Mira Hills

This woman has the largest artificial breasts and bras she has to sew to order. Bust Myra is 149 centimeters, while the waist is 71 cm, hips - 91 cm. The weight of the breast is 15 kilograms, but Myra Hills willing to endure all related inconveniences for the sake of this "beauty».

Annie Hawkins-Turner

The largest natural breasts belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner, who is better known as Norma Stitz. Cupped her breast is 178 centimeters and weighs close to 50 kilograms! This is an incredible result gigantomastia disease. Nevertheless, it helped sdelt Annie career in modeling.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Hensel Conjoined twins have double the total body, two heads, two arms and two legs. Moreover, each of the girls only controls half his body. But they have learned from childhood to coordinate their actions. Now they live a full life, manage your car, playing volleyball, and even play music on the piano. And the character and flavor of the girls are different. Abigail and Brittany graduated from university, and each of them had its own diploma. Now they teach in a school. Abigail and Brittany try to live life to the full, giving a great example to all those who, like them, was in a difficult situation.

Each of these women in the best of their ability to cope with its own uniqueness. To some of them like to be like everyone else, and someone else, regardless of their own characteristics, trying to live a normal life. If this record does not leave you indifferent, then share it with your friends.

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