The tallest man

And the man in the photo - is voluntarily renounced the Guinness Book of Records, but in fact the highest among people living in the world Leonid Stadnyk.
Let's read more about his fate ...

Leonid Stadnik was born in the village of Podolyantsy (Zhytomyr) almost at Chernobyl. Parents Leonid Stadnik is not very tall. The growth of his father 1, 73 meters, and the mother - 1, 52 meters. As a child, Leonid, too, had not been a particularly close. Veterinarian, athlete, graduated from school with a gold medal, high school with honors, and can not work, the cow scare him.
Stadnik started to grow at the age of 14 years.

Leonid believes that to blame the doctors who have found in 13 years in his brain benign tumor that was removed it, hurting the pituitary gland. As a result of which he broke secretion and metabolism. Since Stadnik started to grow rapidly. By the time the veterinarian Stadnik was educated and began working, its growth reached 2, 03 meters.

According to the Ukrainian "Gulliver" in school, he was sitting in the front row because he was the youngest in the class. Later on, especially with the 14 years, I began to grow "by leaps and bounds." The medical commission a doctor in the military did not have enough strips to measure the growth of Leonid. But military doctors rejected Lenya not even because of the growth, but because of flat feet - shoe size 60th. If Stadnik will grow at a pace and on, he will be able to surpass the record of Robert Wadlow, who with his height of 272 cm is considered to be the tallest man in the history of mankind. However, since its such a prospect does not please: every year it increasingly difficult to live.

Stadnik lives in a village near Zhitomir 200 km west of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and get out of there very rarely. The only means of transportation, Leonid - the horse on which he travels to neighboring villages. "Bus - it's not for me, passenger car - is not for me. It's like a normal person in the trunk haul, "- he said in an interview on Ukrainian television. "I can only move on a cart", - says Leonid. However, a cart with a 200-pound rider horse moves on all fours.

Earlier, Stadnik was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records (Guinness World Records) as the highest people now living on Earth. However, on 20 August 2008, the chief editor of the book Craig Glenday (Craig Glenday) announced that the title of the tallest man of the world back to the Chinese Mr Bao (Bao Xishun). This decision was taken after the Ukrainian Stadnyk refused bit strange measurement procedures in line with the new principles of the Guinness Book. To remain champion, from Leonid Stepanovich had to get permission to several measurements of growth for 24 hours under the supervision of a representative of Book of Records. The end result would be selected average height Stadnik.

Thus, a Ukrainian, whose growth according to the Ukrainian Book of Records (Ukrainian Book of Records) is 257 cm, the rest on his laurels for a few months. August 8, 2007, the press secretary of the Book of Records Amarilis Espinoza (Amarilis Espinoza) said that the publication of the 2008 th Stadnik growth exceeded the growth Sishunya (236 cm), a native of the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia). Leonid Stepanovich himself later said that he abandoned the measurement procedure, because he did not want to attract too much attention to himself.

Stadnik started growing after undergoing brain surgery when he was 12 years old. He developed a tumor of the pituitary gland, the prostate, which was to produce excessive amounts of growth hormone. His version of acromegaly doctor called gigantism. Twenty years after the surgery, the doctors found that the tumor Stadnik mysteriously disappeared. In the spring edition of the newspaper 'Pravda' for 2006 it is reported that over the past 2005 is the Ukrainian grew by 2 cm. It was also reported that Stadnik health deteriorates, which is why it becomes difficult to move.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs on equity Leonid bought a satellite dish, and presented a computer with Internet access. Giant of the village Podolyantsy met with the third Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko (Victor Yushchenko), in the hospital 'Feofania', where doctors operated on the capital Leonid mother.

Leonid is also the owner of the biggest hands, his palm in length - 31 cm. In three-liter jar it looks the glass. Lenin more than a fist boxing gloves. In 2001, the year Stadnik had to quit the job he frostbitten feet, because he could not buy normal shoes size 64.
Stadnik feeds mainly potatoes and bacon. It is afraid to get better - "the joints and so do not have time for my height if grow fat, generally slyagu." His mother Galina - woman polutorametrovogo growth - dreams: "I used the daughter's good to Lenchik AppliancesĀ».
In general, it is extremely dissatisfied with the attention that it has begun to show to the press. "I'm not an artist. Born to crawl can not fly. And what other career can do - tighten bulbs in lamps? Thirty-three years in the soul no one climb. And then a massive interest. I would just kill the person who posted the message about me on the Internet. I love to be in the shade, in his "den", and then as cameras, light. The psyche can not stand, had not sleep at night, "- complained the giant told one newspaper.

Leonid Stepanovich leads a simple life. He does not drink, does not smoke or foul language. Stadnik prefers to spend time with a book, from which derives the knowledge and manner of speaking. Rural people respect his only bookworm in the district, which is very often not enough worthy interlocutors, able to maintain a conversation not only about the vodka.



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