20 tips on how to understand life

20 tips for life, you need to know the young.

1. The world is trying to leave you stupid. Starting from bank charges and interest, and ending miracle diets - from uneducated people easily shake out money and they are easier to manage. To educate ourselves as much as you can - to be rich, independent and happy.

2. Do not believe blindly in educational institutions. As they prepare curricula, the system becomes obsolete and sometimes manages to break. It is better to learn and to earn the respect of people, through leadership and doing, not by repetition.

3. Read as much as you can. Master the technique of fast reading with high levels of memory. It is perfectly possible to read one book a week.

4. Try to constantly communicate with everyone. Become a master of communication. Learn to find a man that you love him, and then refer to it this side.

5. Do not waste time on modesty. Humility - is the belief that your emotions can become judges of your decision-making process, while it is true the opposite.

6. If you have something unpleasant surprises during the relationship with someone, it is likely that you will be free from the way they break.

7. Try as often as possible to communicate with people who are older than you. The value of communicating with seniors is that the decision-making system of your peers is not much help to you. A senior also know the things that you will learn later - because they have to ask.

8. Look for people steeper themselves [that you are interested] and spend time with them. This in itself is important, but it is important and effect - do not try to be mediocre in your group, try to be the best (do interesting things, be ambitious, responsive, receptive, and the like).

9. Over time, you will become more and more conservative. It's just a fact. Those around you will create a sort of bubble that will maintain the "status quo" (the current situation). That is why the most crazy ideas must be implemented NOW. Then you will be too fearful. Believe me.

10. minimize costs. This will allow you to create a reserve for that same crazy ideas that I mentioned above.

11. Instead of obtaining the status by using the objects (which gives it only a temporary increase), increase his experience. In other words, a trip to Paris - a better choice than a new wardrobe. Studies show that such a choice increases the level of satisfaction derived from life.

12. If you live in poverty, solve money problems. Use the Internet, because it can help you to cheaply buy something at auction. Now if you live paycheck to paycheck, extend this period to three weeks instead of two. Then, when things will get better, you can plan for a month, then at three, six, and finally in the year ahead. The goal - to reach the point where you plan 5 years ahead.

14. Do not gain weight in youth. Your hormones will help you with this at first, but we should not lose this opportunity, believe me.

15. Learn to cook. This greatly simplify your life, food will no longer be commonplace, turn of the road necessary pleasant experience and even save you money.

16. A good night's sleep. Sleep and independent cooking will help you not gain excess weight. If you think "I otosplyus in the grave" or "I have much more to do, there is no time to sleep," I'll tell you so - "do not you slept not effective" reduction of sleep time will not help.

17. Get yourself a notebook application. Do not trust memory built into your brain. Do not allow the situation to doing what "you think" should have been done. Trust only recordings.

18. Set a big goal and allow the case to help you. If you are not marked it, then something is certainly going to happen, but if you put it, it will happen a lot more.

19. Become an expert in something one. Take 5 years to the case, and not on the reel around the bush. If you want to change his profession and then - go ahead. But choose something.

20. Do not try to fix people. Better get those who are not spoiled.


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