Unusual pet (8 photos)

Complain that the cat takes up too much space in the bed?
Try to imagine how to share a bed with a real lion,
as does a resident of the South African Republic Anneli Snyman,
house in which they live 8-month-old white lion.

Unusual pet named Timba appeared at Anneli earlier this year. Anneli addresses with a lion as a domestic cat, although he is more suited to the role of the dog, given his love for walks. On walks Tymbou accompanies dog Diesel, another pet Anneli.

Timbo now 8 months and cub already big enough, but it has yet to grow and grow - Timba adult will weigh at least 250 pounds, but it does not frighten Anneli.

"Often, Timba and Diesel can not share a couch or my attention - says Anneli. - When Timba grow, diesel, probably will not be easy, but always excellent Timba listen to me, and I do not think there will be problems with it ».

Anneli took home an exotic pet is not out of boredom and not to impress your friends - she really wants to help and rare animals to survive. Several years ago, she turned his farm into a haven for wildlife - at different times on the farm lived cheetahs, lions, leopards and other wild cats that live in Africa. Woman very attached to each of its "guests" and as a result decided to start a predator at home.

Now at home Anneli more animals than people, but she says she is fully satisfied with everything.
"Many people are surprised my lifestyle, but I believe that I live perfectly normal - says Anneli.
- At least, in my view, everything is fine! »



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