The heroes of the epic Harry Potter sing the song Taylor Swift

Fans of Harry created a funny video for Taylor Swift "We'll never get back together." It turned out pretty funny when you consider the words of the clip and look at the actions of the characters. The idea is not new, but somehow it is very touching.

In addition, fans posted the video in the network is not just so, and with a clear call and even asking JK Rowling to assist in creating a musical about Harry. And as a perfect example of the songs for the musical that's offered such an option.

«We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together» - single American country and pop singer Taylor Swift, published August 13, 2012

By the way, it is made very high quality. All words match the action down to the millisecond. Solid aesthetics and pleasure, especially if you are a music lover.

The essence of the songs are very simple, as always, is sung about love and the impossibility of returning to the past. Very authentic left, considering how many characters were killed in seven films.

Chorus: I always thought we'd be together always,
And I always said, "Never say never."


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