Katy Perry and John Mayer split

No further comment what happened Kathy and John was not given, and Kathy everything else immediately drove off on a trip to Milan and London.

John and Kathy on the evening of the American Cancer Community January 28, 2014

But alas. Life is full of surprises. A close friend of the couple officially announced that their relationship came to an end. But in the last year we were so happy when a friend reported about the possible engagement.

The couple began dating in 2012, discussed them so fervently that could easily give all leadership is their union. In 2013, Cathy happily showed wedding ring on his finger, and Meyer did not lag behind, telling the right and left, soon to marry his girlfriend.

Cathy has already demonstrated recently donated wedding ring:

And on Valentine's Day last year, Kathy Meyer hinted at the seriousness of their intentions sumptuous ruby ​​ringlet:

Just a few weeks ago, the pair discussed the date of the upcoming wedding, and now this. They say that breaking up was the provocateur and Kathy returned from another trip, Mayer is not found. And anyway, tired she adored him. It has long been a fan of his talent, always I admired him, and before the first kiss was a long time since she had a long time to be an enthusiastic fan, a fan of obscure. Whether it played a fatal role is still unknown.


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