Katy Perry (Katy Perry) in a photo shoot for the magazine «L'Officiel»

American pop singer, it seems, still can not find themselves after breaking up with Russell Brand. Hair color girl changes faster than the weather changes. Most recently, she was a brunette with pink strands and, behold, a new stage.

Now Katy Perry (Katy Perry) will appear in the guise of Autumn lady with bright red curls. Someone can say that this act hysteria, but most likely, this color is not permanent. Though, in such a deplorable psychological state, for an American, any action can be the salvation. Choke on what you were alone - what could be worse? We wish Kathy quickly restore balance and return to the cheerful way that is familiar to us for more than one year. Photoshoot was made for the September edition of the French fashion magazine.


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