Chinese journalist accidentally filmed suicide (4 photos)

Photojournalist of one of the Chinese newspapers unexpectedly became the author of the pictures which have flown all over the world. Having been instructed to take photographs of anomalous fog enveloped the city of Wuhan, a journalist accidentally filmed the moment of suicide love pary.Intsident occurred in Wuhan on February 27 at the bridge across the Yangtze River.

Inspired by fog in Wuhan, the journalist did not notice that at some distance from him, straight ahead of shooting a man climbed over the railing and jump down. Only a moment later the photographer heard someone shouted.

"At first I did not understand what to photograph the jump. I concentrated on the camera and the settings and did not even notice the man jumped to his death, "- said the journalist.

Just a few seconds later in the same place stepped down another suicide. "I listened, I heard the splash of water, and immediately jumped from the bridge Woman" - says the photographer.

He called the police outfit arrived after only two minutes, but that was enough to make the bodies claimed river. Their hitherto never found, but no doubt that both were killed, no - the height of the bridge is about 40 meters.


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