The collective farm, where we harvested potatoes.


The collective farm, where we harvested potatoes. At the time, beer was in short supply in Moscow, it was not to buy, and then, in the village shop "Zhiguli" sell. At 60 cents. As past this pass? That's right - nothing. We go to the village shop, we - myself and five friends, come to the salesgirl and happily so, please sell us 2 boxes of beer.
 - Two bottles in hand and in exchange for packaging - iron voice of saleswomen.
 - Aunts ... Well, what packaging ?! We have students from here, eh? Sell ​​at least 2 bottles, we have them immediately and drink containers you surrender ...
 - In exchange for container! - Iron in his voice gets even colder. Ah well?! Well, we thought, there was no such that the student did not come out of a difficult situation, and we are no worse than any other student. At the hostel, walk through the bottom of the barrel, we found two empty bottles. One out of the vinegar and the second from the solvent. The good beer is sold in the same, washed their quality and dawn came in a big way.
On this road to our farm each day drove a truck with empty cans. For milk. That is what we braked. Climbs out of the truck grandpa - God dandelion and asks what we. We have it so lucidly explain what we want, that it gave us an empty can, and if you do not give, then we'll take it ourselves. Santa appeared intelligent and gladly gave us a can. We got him at 8 am and were already under the doors village shop. With a can estessno. That store opens and we are the very first to appear before the clerk.

 - Two bottles of beer and delivery, please - I say, and hold out an empty container and a denomination of 50 rubles (at that time a lot of money).
Saleswoman grinding his teeth, but the beer and gives you the change counts.
 - Open the bottle to us, please.
She opens. We take them and neatly pour in a can, then I reach the empty containers and say:
 - Two bottles of beer and open.
Saleswoman dimly beginning to realize that somewhere in her throw, but gives us another two open bottles, which we just gently pour in a can. The procedure continues:
 - 2 bottles of beer and open.
 - Guys, how much you're taking? - So she asks gently, opening the tenth bottle.
 - 50 liter wheelie, that count.
 - Uh ... Maybe you just a couple of boxes, eh?
 - No. Two bottles in hand and in exchange for container, - I say.
Saleswoman silent and we continue to sports transfusion beer.
 - Guys, be people who take just a couple of boxes, eh? I have the same place ... people are waiting ... - begged the saleswoman at the fiftieth bottle.
 - A place does not mind - said a friend of mine, playing in the hands of tourist hatchet and looking all that is already quite grown, beer while we were playing. The line got smart and amicably nodding their heads in agreement.

On the seventieth bottle shop assistant wore. She swore she begged, they threatened us with violence and penalties for Komsomol, but we know a good phrase, "two bottles in hand and in exchange for container."

Finally, the can was full. We solemnly closed the lid and dragged him to the exit. The saleswoman was relieved, but its full of joy can not be described, when I turned in the doorway and said:
 - You have wonderful service. Thanks you. We have all our guys will tell you that there is a great store, which has a beer. We were there a hundred and twenty people.


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