October 3-4, 1993 at the White House (30 photos)

"My journey begins on Tverskaya. Directions completely blocked several transverse lines, consisting of heavy vehicles. Contrary to expectations, in the area of ​​Red Square nothing happens. »

Today marks 20 years of "Black October" - the events of October 3-4, 1993 in Moscow, when the confrontation between President Boris Yeltsin and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR ended power clash.

I am heading to the House of Soviets on Novy Arbat. Unusually deserted street, no car traffic, although no serious cordons

At the intersection of the Garden Ring congestion of police and army units.

There is clearly uneasy - on asphalt placers sleeves. Apparently, somewhere is working sniper - shots is not audible, but just in case, many try to hide.

Where the Garden Ring goes into the tunnel under the New Arbat, the night August 21, 1991, three young men were killed. It was the first crisis around the White House, called the actions of the Emergency Committee. On the wall of the tunnel inscription: "You guys are with us!". Fixed initial ambiguous option, which read & quot; ... we are & quot ;.

The passage to the White House on Novy Arbat police cordon blocked, however, to circumvent its quarter left is easy

Entrances blocked watering machine, but there is no obstacle for pedestrians.

Despite periodic audible machine-gun fire around a lot of people - it was not much constrains. Top events observed not only CNN (live coverage of which I did not know) - the roof is literally overflowing with spectators.

City Hall also got, but now quiet here. All the participants' attention focused on the troops surrounded the House of the Soviets, who had just been subjected to shelling from tanks

Tanks already had shot, and yet the White House of the Soviets blaze. Some observers are resolved to overcome sweep the area and run across directly to the walls of the building. I also decide to take a chance.

Directly in front of the White House abundance of armored vehicles of medium gravity, but it does not fire vedet.Tanki stand on the bridge and on the opposite side of the river.

Hiding behind a granite parapet, took up a position next to the young guys airborne. Paratroopers any active action shall be taken under the supervision of waiting for instructions amateur photographers.

However, the situation is not entirely peaceful. Sporadic firing points waking paratroopers forced to suppress the fire with machine guns. They shoot at the windows seem to be random. Looking at this picture, it is difficult to believe that the action takes place in the heart of Moscow.

Around the White House a lot of some inputs and outputs, for them just in case, also looked after. Direct threats no one sees, but tense.

Soon we see the fighters Alpha. Produce a very favorable impression - quiet composure professionals. Gone as imperceptibly as they appeared.

Shooting subsides before to keep at bay the crowd of spectators comes close. Marines are instructed to block the approaches to the building.

The White House sent negotiators - accompanied by bearers to the building approaching Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Building leave the first encirclement. No shooting, but the strain of the last hours forcing the elderly to move running. On the left is already someone searched.

Closer to the main entrance seated disarmed defenders. In the foreground is probably derived from the building of the police internal security.

A small group from the White House imposed raznosortnyh weapons - machine guns, sticks, Molotov cocktails. Airborne officers with a gun in the hands of interested regards crossbow.

Approached the building the crowd mostly passively watching facing. The mood changed easily: someone shouted insults, support it, I am frightened to stand up for "refugees", support me, too

Gradually restored control over the situation - paratroopers have to perform police functions. Experience in dealing with the human mass they have, but fortunately the crowd behaved calmly.

For the case it is accepted riot. According to crumble sugar and matches, the young man spent the night in the White House. Before leaving, he grabbed something from the office.

The fire erupted in a building - formerly invisible flames digging out from both sides.

I pass along the side walls of the White House. There are no solid cordon curious try something to see. Discuss version of "right here in the building penetrated Alfa».

I was just leaving when there was a strange explosion of the wall. Lots of smoke, but, apparently, the destructive effect is negligible.


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