Interesting facts (10 photos + video)

A few interesting facts about everything in a row:

Actors, voiced the iconic cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor) were married in real life.

born blind smile just like all the others, although they had never seen smiles of others.

On one of the islands of Australia, you can make friends with a very nice marsupial beast called "Quokka". These animals are not afraid of people, very friendly and on the muzzle them - a constant smile.

In the west of the US state of Tennessee lives a group of nine women who call themselves "The Nine Nana." They come together, bake delicious pies and left them in need of homes, the unemployed or those who have lost loved ones. They do this for 36 years.

Scientific evidence shows that if you start to smile, the mood gradually improves itself.

The actor, who is voiced by the English-speaking Winnie the Pooh, in their free time calling seriously ill children and talking to them the voice of his character.

To help the cubs endangered turtles to safely get to the water, a lot of people got together and formed a "human chain" along the way to the sea kids.

Along the shores of one of the Bahamas, tourists and local happy to swim with wild boars and feed them. Boars jump into the water to cool and sometimes get on the boat standing on the shore, to communicate with people.

Right at this very moment all over the world laugh a few tens of thousands of young children.

With the help of good people, from 1990 to 2010, out of extreme poverty managed to get more than one billion people.

36 years ago, at the height of the Cold War, people launched into deep space, two machine series "Voyager" with messages of extraterrestrial civilizations. It included a gold-plated video disc with images of men and women, earthly landscapes and music samples of the earth.

The fact that you live now, is that your lineage stretches from the earliest humans. Your ancient ancestors were quite smart and healthy to survive to breed and do not interrupt the race. And so generation after generation - a few thousand years before were born your parents.

Then you win the race, which was attended by millions of sperm, the first to reach the maternal egg. Each of the living won the jackpot in the genetic lottery.


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