What a twist...

That man's name is Matthew Urin, who until recently considered himself the master of life, in general, the first after God.
And the essence of all that lohonulsya Matthew to complete the program.
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One evening, his motorcade was returning home on Rublvskomu highway when he was overtaken by a regular car brand BMW. Matvey Urin though the entrepreneur, but he lived, apparently by thieves "concepts". He considered it beneath his dignity, his luxury motorcade ahead of any vehicle, even BMW. Therefore, his guards caught up with the German foreign car, "cropped", stopped, pulled the driver from the passenger compartment and lightly beaten bats, apparently to teach. And at the same time "learn" and his car. Only one thing but .... Tattered was a citizen of the Netherlands on behalf of Jorrit Faassen, which in turn is in a relationship with Yekaterina Putina (Putin's daughter), which has in turn complained to the pope. Outcome: Urin deprived of business and sentenced to 7 and 5 years in prison.


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