Brazilian priest against bigotry

Nravyatsya Brazilians. For their football. For Jorge Amado. During the festival in Rio - a special thank you. For rabid temperament. In general, for the attitude towards life. Do not worry, be happy - that's for sure about them. How do they manage to combine his wild temperament with amazing skill relaxed about life - one he knows.
They even beliefs and superstitions are - a mix of temperament and relaxation. There are, for example, the Brazilians such a wonderful omen - the aisle to go without underwear. And it will then happiness in family life. In principle, there is here and some grain of truth. And the heat easier to bear. And the precious groom somehow closer once it becomes a bride. In general, two one.
But no, turn up the guardian of morality from the Republican Party Zizi come from Vila Velha. He stood in a pose and announced that it was sacrilege - is such a shameless way to places of worship. And we must put an end to such, ugliness.
But this is Brazil, gentlemen. Newly-born Puritan instantly received a resounding slap in the face of svoeg hometown. Yes, from someone! The local priest doubtfully treated demarche of his countryman, commenting that he considered quite absurd and strange to introduce regulations on the wearing of underwear. Firstly, it is a private matter. And secondly, what about control? Imagine the picture: the procession arrived, and then the first thing a person authorized under the bride peeks under her dress. The groom in delight. Guests standing ovation.
Right in the Brazilians priests. All essentially say.


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