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Russians are really concerned about the state of their car for transportation. The roads are not intentionally call. If the Attorney General of the Russian Federation in its report notes that sixty percent of said objects does not comply with safety, then it's probably not very expensive.
And according to the Ministry of Interior of Russia twenty percent of accidents occur because of the condition of the coating. Referred to here as the lack of proper lighting factors in the dark, irregular markings or her absence, the absence of fences. But it is, fines, as compared with the road surface defects. If we translate in normally perceives format, we can say that the driver does not know what to watch in the first place - the so-called road or road users. As for the other, and at the same time, to put it mildly, does not work. Also, the prosecutor confides that the measures in general, accepted - seventy one case was opened, three thousand people involved. And so on. And more than half of the directions - ubeysya not ezdi.
Do not worry, sosedushki. Despite the triumphant Ukrainian chinovnichkov we have the same picture. when they once again loudly proclaim his victory over the pits and the percentage of those victories plus not - then 80 and then 90, I want to smuggle them carefully to those who are available and ask them to count with you. With a calculator. And then - or school to teach arithmetic, or on the bench.
True, M. Popov?


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