Everything you wanted to know about Rome, but were afraid to ask (facts + video)

1. In early Rome in 700-s BC, there were few women, and the Romans were forced to steal women from the nearest Italic tribe of the Sabines.

2. In ancient Rome it was customary to put over the door of his home phallic symbols as signs of good luck and fertility. Phallus worn in the form of jewelry or amulets for good luck.

3. There is evidence that the wife of the Emperor Claudius Messalina wore wigs, covered with gold nipples, and once organized a competition with a local prostitute - who serve more than one customer per night. Messalina won by meeting 50 men.

4. vestal priestesses of Vesta, the Roman goddess of homemakers were obliged to keep their virginity. If they lose it, even if it is the result of rape, they were buried alive in an unmarked grave anything. Total since 18 were executed Vestal in the history of Rome.

5. To treat infertility Roman doctors sometimes recommend drinking the blood of the defeated gladiators.

6. If in the course of the action of the play actor had to die, he might at the last moment to replace the offender was sentenced to death and killed on stage. The Roman public loved senseless cruelty.

7. gladiatorial fights held in Rome so far. About how they get there, how much it costs, as well as many other interesting facts can be found in this video of "Aeroflot" about Rome:



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