The future of the fingerprint

Time travel. How many on this subject to write a book, how much is movies. And more will be written and delivered. Because the subject if not forever, then for the near future is very, very popular.
Periodically hear the cries of the world's scientists. "It is impossible!". "Inventing!" It's the same soon ageless newsworthy.
Here once again heard the cry of "Eureka". This time from Iran. Very young, as a scientist (twenty-seven) and eerily prolific (One hundred seventy nine inventions) pares Ali said that he did invent something close to a time machine. More precisely, according to the inventor, in fact it is rather a universal predictor of the future (98% probability) of the fingerprint. Too bad. Although he had called his device still «Aryayek - machine time travel».
Unit works marvelously simple. Touched - received a printout - examines and corrects. The author is going to fame primarily serve the state. For using your appliance is going to predict it as serious global situation as military conflicts, fluctuations in oil prices (which, incidentally, is very interconnected), and other events of high importance.
In mass production, however, the device, according to the inventor, he is afraid to run. Steal the idea, said. And bivalent nods against China. These can. No questions asked. Well, let's wait a little.
Only here doubts gnaw. What is this work. All about everything warned. Exchange kapets. Military conflicts, too. And this is a full tryndets MIC.
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