Many domestic potrebitelnits increasingly prefer foreign husbands.

Many domestic potrebitelnits increasingly prefer
foreign husbands. Choosing a two-legged friend, it is important not to be mistaken. Here
the most popular model to date.

The conventional wisdom is that something they do like rabbits, but hurry you
disappoint - they eat.

Unpretentious food, eating straight from the fridge. But the torment wash
its flags.

Take Arabs alone difficult. Better a purse with three girlfriends.
But he will fill four chores - he cleaned the machine, burn
American flag ...

Life with him - a continuous carnival songs and dances. If you get tired,
just give him a tambourine.

Jewish foreigner.
I do not recommend. Around full of domestic, that is no better.

Negro (politkorr .: "afromazy¬Ľ).
Very good in bed from morning to evening is in it and does nothing.

The main advantage - he knows the language of fashion. Do not be afraid of what he pedant
 - This is not a perversion, and Russian is not transmitted.

Ask about the presence and quantity inspection run brothels. Not
Take a small city - a more expensive.

Economical choice. It does not take up much space. It is important to make sure that it does not
Taiwanese fake.


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