Modding Mouse Logitech G5 and the Nokia 6610

Finnish modders have long occupied a leading position in the world of modding. Cult modder Yapala Penke introduced the world to his new invention: a hybrid mouse Logitech G5 and the display of the phone Nokia 6610. The masterpiece was called Loginoki.

It is said Yapala inventing Loginoki, he first wanted to get away from the mainstream, that is, from all kinds, but a little bored decorations computer cases, and create something really special. It was decided to say a new word in myshovom modding. The inspiration came from the Gaming Keyboard Logitech G15, which is crammed with displays. Mouse is already stuffed and lighting and fans. But somehow, until now no one had thought to equip a computer mouse this display.

Choosing a mouse for your experiment modder proceeded from the fact that it should be with a wire, as in the case just a wireless mouse there would be no room for the introduction of the display. The second requirement: the mouse must be connected to the USB port. These parameters ideyalno walked laser mouse Logitech G5. A knowledgeable people have agreed to help the Finnish modder with a color display of the phone Nokia 6610.
Work on the Loginoki began with a cut in the hull mouse hole suitable for display.

And to match the spirit of the future masterpiece moddinna, the surface of the mouse was painted in neon shades of blue and blue.

But finally I had to set to work and start to connect the display to the mouse. As learned modder in its work, regular USB cable consists of five cords. The two are responsible for the power connection between the handheld device and a computer. Two transmit information. And one coordinates the work between the two devices. To make the display work from the Nokia in the mouse Logitech, needed three wires.
1. The original USB-cable to the mouse Logitech G5. I had succeeded in black nylon cord that holds the wires together.
2. USB-wire and three-wire for the display together.
3. The same cable as an example №1, and three parallel wires connected connectors that allow information transfer between a computer and display.

Connect the wires to the parallel adapter, mouse modder was disassembled and working display. It remains to pack all of the cords in the mouse body.

Only after the entire structure has been collected and it became clear that everything works, the question arose, what can you want to see on the display on the mouse hand and resolution not exceeding 132h132 pixel. Modder decided that it is unlikely for such a small screen is something else can come better than a family photo or a view of the sunset on the lake with private garden mooring. However, Yapala sure that if you write a small program in this window it is possible to display a chat on IRC or anything like that.


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