In North America, found traces of ancient chocolate

In a study of North American ceramic vessels VIII century, scientists have discovered in them traces of alkaloids cocoa - theobromine and caffeine, according to ScienceNow.
Recall vessels were found in the parking lot 13 in Canyonlands National Park (Utah). Researchers estimate that the age of the parking lot is about 1200 years old and belongs to the 770 th year of our era.

Scientists believe that their discovery shows that people ate chocolate in North America about 300 years earlier than previously thought. In addition, t. To. Cocoa - a tropical plant, to be on the territory of modern Utah, it was necessary to deliver thousands of miles away, and this, in turn, indicates the presence in the VIII century developed trade routes between Central and North America.

Note that the number of scientists are wary of the conclusions of this study and say that in his native cocoa is a luxury drink, and after a long transport its cost could be much larger. However, in the population studied parking was not particularly wealthy people who could afford to buy this product.


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