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The first typewriters were able to print only uppercase letters. Uppercase and shift key only appeared after 1878.
The word «dream» until the 13th century did not mean "dream" and "music" or "noise».
"The Saga of Gilgamesh", the oldest written work in the world, it is written in the third century BC.
The Sumerians invented cuneiform writing 5500 years ago.
Rene Descartes in 1637 ushered in math terms "real number" and "imaginary number».
The word "electric" was first used by William Gilbert - doctor of Queen Elizabeth I in the 17th century.
Recipe for the first time found in the documents of the 16th century.
One sign of & quot; && quot; (Ampersand) seriously considered as a candidate for inclusion in the English alphabet.
Studies show that up to the 15th century in the English language was not punctuation.
The Chinese character for the designation of money originally meant shell.
Word Teyas (tejas), which eventually turned into Texas (Texas), is a Spanish word transcription Taisha (taysha), which means "helper".


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