For 500 grams of neon, which are filled with colorful advertising (neon) lamps are required to process 40 tons of liquefied air.
The thickness of the book page - about half a million atoms.
At a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius air that you breathe out, freezes halfway and falls to the ground.
-40 Degrees Fahrenheit is equal to -40 degrees Celsius. This is the only point which coincides on both scales.
Hundreds of calories enough to ride a bike 5 kilometers by car or 5 meters.
Sun every second converts 4 million tons of matter into energy.
In our Galaxy, only 5% larger than the Sun Star.
The wave velocity of the earthquake on the Earth's surface - about 8 kilometers per second.
Our Milky Way galaxy is moving through space at the speed of 270 kilometers per second.
In standard American barrel placed thirty-one gallon of beer.


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