Exotic plants

The most popular fruit in the world - mango, but the most "most cultivated" - grapes, bananas, apples and coconuts.
For 3000 years the most common crop in the world was hemp.
In 2001 in the UK alone there were more than 300 accidents due to falling on a banana peel.
Coffee tree yields about a pound of coffee per year.
Most pears and sweet potatoes are grown in China.
The company in Lancashire, England, grows the highest tomato plants - more than 20 meters high.
The national symbol of Wales - leek.
The smallest tree - a dwarf willow growing in the Arctic tundra. At the height of it barely reaches 5 cm.
Most rich parasites tree in the jungle - cocoa, which is the source of the main components of chocolate.
Cocoa trees grow only in the tropics, in the latitude of + -20 degrees from the equator.
Only 2 percent of Antarctica not covered by ice, so the fight for a place under the sun win most tenacious - lichens, mosses and fungi.
During the time you've read this list, tropical rainforests lost in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 50 football fields.


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