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Every year at all construction sites of the planet is made of concrete so that for every person on Earth has to a minimum of one tonne.
The average American uses 57 pieces of toilet paper a day.
The light that radiates the sun, the light is 4 billion billion (4 and 18 zeros) bulbs.
Each of the 10 warmest years recorded in the last 20 years, that is, on average, every two years, sets a new record heat.
Scientists estimate that the decrease in the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere at a 1% increase in the number of cases of skin cancer by 6%.
During the year, the average elevator rides a distance equal to half the length of the equator.
Acid rain has happened for the first time in 1852.
Since the mid-18th century were discovered and identified 1,700,000 species of animals and plants.
In today's world food before you get to your table, overcomes an average 2,400 kilometers. Then you and the Argentine beef, potatoes and Chinese ...
Everyone eats in a year on average 4 kilograms of food additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners, etc..
The average citizen of a developed country 14 percent purchased food throws in the trash.


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