In a cave on the coast of South Africa, scientists have unearthed the oldest dinner.

10th place: In a cave on the coast of South Africa, scientists have unearthed the oldest dinner. These were the remains of shellfish eaten by people, which showed that 164,000 years ago man first added his usual diet of seafood. Including mussels, which a person gladly eat still.

9th place: Costs revelers landlords end of the XVIII century on the meal were huge. Dinners stylized feasts Nero and Justinian: eating, lying on Lebyazhie fluff, dressed in purple, from gold plates and dishes served by ancient gods dressed servants. One of the most significant costs were often costs cinnamon: it is not seasoned dishes, and stoked the furnace.

8th place: The ancient Romans ate sitting only during mourning. On other days they eat reclining.

7th place: the Sun King, Louis XIV always ate only his hands. At the same time, he could eat a bowl of chicken soup without spilling a drop.

6th place: the Russian tsars guests can enjoy an evening of 150-200 meals. British Ambassador Carlyle testified that at one of the dinners Alexei Mikhailovich was filed 500 dishes.

5th place: When the student cafeteria of the Leningrad University there are three variants of a qualitatively different meals (with a corresponding spread in prices), the students of mathematics, by analogy with complex numbers consist of real and imaginary parts, became known lunches respectively valid (35 rubles) complex (25 rubles) and imaginary (11 rubles).

4th place: In the middle of last century, a dinner was considered a failure if, during his at least one guest in the literal sense of the word is not swallowed tongue.

3rd place: By the end of XIX century in Russia were frequent so-called "Trial lunches." Try not to rely so much a dish as Chef cooks were serfs, and bought a long time.

2nd place: Lunch sumo wrestler lasts two hours. All washed down with beer. For a month athlete eats an average of $ 10 thousand.

1st place: Studies have shown that the last dinner menu on death row in the United States is no different variety. Most people bought fries, in second place - steaks, and the third - hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Only one person ordered a duck with artichokes Burgundy, a side dish of young asparagus and a bottle of Beaujolais. But he was not lucky in the last minute of his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment three.


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