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Individualism necessarily - that's what will be the way of life of suffocating closeness of man of the future, I'm sure the designer Shengjie Wang. Narrow car will be king of the road: it is easy to leak into the gap between fellow stopper, comfortable poultice, will allow the city not to demolish homes roadside to expand avenues.
The basis of the concept car should be soft rubber, elastic plastic and strong metal. Some elastic body adds durability to him, and the driver - security. The car can be stretched in length and adding space for the passenger. The original wheels are very easy, but quite resilient - so will be the body that will reduce the cost of the precious fuel. Management of private transport, according to the designers, will become much more casual than it is now. Intuitive management interface, not overloaded with additional options - that's the way to popularity. Mechanisms XSCAPE hidden flexible and mobile polyurethane panels, pedals, instrument panel and steering wheel - sliding. Rear-view mirrors - it's too easy for the car of the future; shall instead sensors and cameras. Behind there is a luggage otsek.

Source: dvice


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