EBay Office of Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.

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new design office eBay.
The authors of the project - architects Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.
The basis of the interior decoration lay modular furniture.

The modular design allowed the team to eBay to plan furniture arrangement, if necessary, changing the workspace. It turned out flexible and helped to strengthen communication and cooperation between departments.

The planning process began with a survey of more than 5, 000 employees from different offices eBay about how they would prefer to see the office of the company. They all unanimously in favor of the need for small call centers for informal communication. So, along with the existing conference rooms, a host of other blocks, each of which has its purpose. There's a separate room for reflection, for focus groups to meet, to work on projects for leisure and other.

As a result of such a plan has greatly improved the relationship between the various units, more clever use of space possible to increase the density of the staff, and not at the expense of comfort. Well, the bright and positive atmosphere in the office creates a general mood that best effect on productivity.


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