5 non-political facts about V. Putin

1. One of the most popular Yandex requests associated with Putin is "Putin - a crab." The reason for this is that in one of his speeches, the former president said that the eight years of his presidency, "worked like a galley slave." The phrase went to the people in an abridged version, "crab in the galleys," and then completely reduced to a single word "crab».

2. Putin's presidency was preceded by one incident, about which few people know: he was completely burned cottage with all things and savings, and the family barely had time to escape from the fire. On the ashes of Putin quite unexpectedly I found my cross - it is not affected by the fire and shone brightly. Immediately after, Putin moved to Moscow, and there began a new phase of their lives. Putin himself has said that it is symbolic - he even told about this case to Bush during one of the informal meetings.

3. Putin's two daughters - 1985 and 1986 birth. When they go to college in St. Petersburg, reporters could not help but comment: "The competition was a huge - 40 institutions in place!" The eldest daughter Maria entered the biology department, and the youngest Catherine chose to study Japanese at the Faculty of Oriental Studies (both at St. Petersburg State University). According to statistics, the competition for these departments immediately increased several times.

4. Putin has another interesting feature: occupying a particular office, he picks it never changes. This is quite unusual, because all the officials tend to get rid of things predecessor and adapt cabinet under him. Putin is never even the furniture has not changed.

5. Many people around Putin noted that he reticent man. Over a lifetime, he had only one close friend. They were friends at the institute and were similar to each other - two honors-demure. Physical training was weak from a friend, and Putin - already at that age the master of sports in sambo - decided to record it and podnataskal section. In the first demonstration competitions each incorrect landing after a jump, broke his cervical vertebra and a few hours died. If you believe the witnesses, Putin has suffered greatly.


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