Japan from the train window (27 photos)

One blogger made beautiful pictures, the Inland Sea and north of Shikoku in Japan without leaving the train.

Japan is known to be amazing, captivating, attracts shocking and inspiring, to a large extent the amount of pathos in guidebooks and reports. Sometimes it has a negative impact even the most seemingly serious sources. There in Japan such a famous tourist attraction - the great Seto Bridge, the world's longest two-tiered bridge connecting the island of Honshu and Shikoku jumps on small islands Seto Inland Sea. So, it would seem, the 21st century. Even if you have never been to Japan, you can see the bridge from the satellite to the Internet, measure the length and count the number of sections. I do, of course, do not. I looked at Wikipedia. And found that the Russian Wikipedia reports that the length of the bridge is 37.3 km, and the number of sections in it - 6. English and with it the French Wikipedia believe that the bridge consists of 11 sections with a total length 13.1 km. And finally, the Japanese themselves written in Japanese Wikipedia, the number of sections 10, and the total length of 12.3 km (or 9376 meters, if we consider only the above-water part). We assume that all this does not matter. What is important is that the best way to see the very real Japan - is to see it from the train window.

(This photo is very helpful to get rid of the feeling that the house back yard is too small).

The northern tip of Shikoku - is one solid factories. Sakaide city, the first thing he sees arrives on the big bridge. The first place for the volume of production in the prefecture, and the third in the whole of Shikoku. Shipbuilding, chemical industry, logistics.

Hill-Mount Fuji Sanuki, beautiful as God are you, my white and Mansion on its background. I did not try again to speak about the Japanese urbanization and modern architecture. It is itself turns out not escape from it anywhere. This we entered, meanwhile, in Marugame.

Going to Wikipedia, was surprised to learn that he had long loved me Sanuki Fuji is actually one of the "seven Sanuki Fuji." That's how it. Seven of their turns (we assume approximately). Tradition to name the mountain conical shape "Fuji-so location" - a very long time, and the list is quite long.

Castle Marugame. Here stood a castle stood proudly hovered, and then people invented concrete and all there cell phone towers.

And starting field. They are not much, but it is. Looking at the outlines of the mountains on the horizon, I can not remember Aso with its five vertices that are similar to the sleeping Buddha from afar. These, too, are similar to the female Buddha.

Source: kitya.livejournal.com


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