The Russian is building the ship "Black Pearl" (6 photos)

Alexander Marchenko, a resident of the village of Cheryomushki Krasnoyarsk to build a ship, designed in the image of "Black Pearl", which cut through the ocean of Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean».
As says Alexander Marchenko, drawings "Pearls" he found on the Internet and immediately launched conceived.
As the object of construction, but rather for restructuring, the man chose the traditional ship of the XVII century. Finishing entrepreneur ship cost 3, 5 million rubles.

"The film gave me not only aesthetic pleasure but also a good idea. It was a kind of answer to the question tormented me what to do in life then? "- Says Alexander Marchenko.

Siberian Corps "Pearls" is made of pine and cedar on the water it holds due to the pontoons

Most likely, the "Black Pearl" will be a hotel where tourists will be able to stop, arrived in Khakassia. People will be surprised to be photographed, to rest.



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