As butterflies are adapting to climate change?

"We examined a large number of species of butterflies, to determine the effect on them of climate change. Higher temperatures could destroy many species in the southern part of Europe, "says researcher Andrew Sagitta, a graduate student at York University in the UK.
Researchers observed how butterflies change their habitats depending on the temperature, for example, to move to a cool forest of hot sunny field.
Scientists believe that if a butterfly so behave when the seasonal temperature changes, most likely it will be the main way to save in a general warming.

During the study, data were collected on 36 different kinds of butterflies in Spain and the UK over the period from 1994 to 2009. Observing the trend of seasonal migration, it found that in years with a maximum average temperature increased, more and more individuals are adjacent to the migration.

In Spain, it was observed that about 75% of species of butterflies have taken the opportunity of resettlement in a cool place, but the total number of individuals is made only 1, 3%. Habitat with abnormally high temperature normally does not allow the butterflies mate, eat, and sometimes exist at all. And the problem here is that a very small percentage of individuals producing relocation to a more comfortable place for living.

The researchers concluded that although seats for a more comfortable existence butterflies lacking, insufficient number of individuals actually do it. This is due to the fact that the hot environment "holds" the presence of a large amount of food and other essential resources for life, although fever and acts on them fatal.


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