Makrofoto: Insect Eggs

Designed for survival, insect eggs hanging lie and where their parents left. The eggs in the photoselection diameter varies from 0 to 7 mm 2. Pictures were taken with a scanning electron microscope, which uses beams of electrons for tracking the object surface. Then get a black and white photos were converted to color, to reflect the natural appearance of the eggs.

1. Egg This butterfly Dryas iulia Dryas iulia butterfly egg in the Antennae passionflower may not threaten the hungry ants. This kind of butterfly lays her eggs almost exclusively on this plant. (Martin Oeggerli)

2. Eggs defense counsel defenders often lay their eggs in groups. Individual eggs are not only glued to each other and to the sheet on which they are left. Tiny growths act like breathing apparatus. (Martin Oeggerli)

3. Egg Kaliga butterfly mosaic pattern on the egg like a butterfly Kaliga space landing field. In the center of a tiny hole called a micropyle through which the sperm enters the egg. (Martin Oeggerli)

4. Egg blue morpho butterfly red bar indicates a chemical reaction after fertilization. The egg is the germ of a butterfly - one of the largest. The scope of its wings from 12 to 20 centimeters. (Martin Oeggerli)


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