Use of insect food

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations agreed with the scientists that should convince people to eat insects instead of meat. Firstly, in the crickets and grasshoppers as much protein as meat in a piece of steak. Secondly, they are growing much cheaper and requires less space. Experts note that the edible for humans are about 1400 species of insects. They are eaten in 36 African, 29 Asian and 23 countries in North and South America. And in some states consider insects a delicacy, in others - the insects are part of the daily diet.

But in China, everywhere you can see the fried locusts, which are sold on wooden sticks.

Many people in different parts of the world consider this locust plague. But not Mexicans. In Mexico, especially in the southern parts of it, in addition to all kinds of tortillas, and you'll find fried locusts, wrapped in unleavened cakes.

And if Mexico's fried insects you can buy a tray with a street vendor, in other Western countries such dishes - it is rather a delicacy, served in expensive restaurants. For example, a New York restaurant "Explorers Club" annually arranges the reception, during which serves insect.

Chinese humorous talk about their culinary tastes: "We eat everything that flies except an airplane, everything that has four legs, except tables and chairs." Of course, China has used insects - ahead of the rest. Many restaurants specialize exclusively in dishes made from insects.


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