Master class for the preparation of insects (10 photos)

And the other day cooking school "Rijn IJssel" for chefs gave a lecture and master class cooking dishes from insects, during which were tested recipes from the new book by Arnold van Hayes and his team working on the popularization of "nasekomoedenya" in the West.

Dutch professor of entomology Arnold van Hayes argues that we can help our planet, if we pass on the menu of edible insects, nutritious and healthy, because their cultivation is much more environmentally friendly, uses less resources and space than growing beef cattle.
Professor explains that insects have many advantages over conventional farm animals. In the photo: In the palm beetle lays Alphitobius diaperinus in different stages of development: larva, pupa, imago, the young and the adult beetle. The picture was taken at a special farm on cultivation of edible insects in Ermelo.

Growing insects require much less resources and virtually no damage the environment, and their nutritional value is even higher than that of conventional meat. In the photo: Fleshy brown larvae mealworms (Alphitobius diaperinus) on a farm on cultivation of insects in Ermelo.

One of the main arguments that uses Professor van Hays - a future food crisis, which is inevitable, because the world's population continues to increase. Photo: Adult beetles (Alphitobius diaperinus).

Mealworms stew with green onions, to continue to be used as a filling for pies, kishey.

Max Kipp extending schooling chefs "Rijn IJssel", is busy preparing insects.

Arnold van Hays with a chef Henk van Gurp is working on a cookbook describing dishes from insects, as well as lectures and tasting dishes. The book also includes among other recipe cake-kishey.

Ready-made pies, quiches with mealworms.

The student prepares a Chinese cooking school rolls stuffed with fried grasshoppers.

Back in August last year, the professor told The Guardian newspaper about the problems with the food. "There is a crisis in meat production - he said. - The population in 2050 will reach nine billion, and we know that people are eating more meat. Twenty years ago, people ate an average of 20 kg of meat per year, and now - 50 kg, and in 20 years will eat up to 80 kg. If this continues in the same spirit, we will need another planet ยป.

At the same time, he said that people could eat beetles and larvae: "Most people in the world eat insects. Only in the western world this is happening. It is psychologically difficult for us. I do not know why, because we eat the shrimp, and they are very similar. " Photo: Duygu Tatar (Duygu Tatar) tries quiche with mealworms during a lecture by Professor van Hayes.


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