Laziness - the engine of progress

Not really a big secret that a lot of inventions was made simply because the man was broke to do any work. But ordered to do, but there is no desire at all. And it makes gyrus hard to rub against each other for each excision spark that will highlight the impenetrable darkness and new insights. And to find the right solution.
This property is lazy, by the way, very accurately commented founder melkomyagkih Empire Big Bill Gates: "I always choose the lazy person to do the hard work, because he finds it easiest way to do it." That's - no more, no less.
Therefore, I venture to suggest that the inventor of the nozzle for the language - pretty lazy person. And it is very talented. The first fact does not exclude the second, as you know.

This toothbrush. For the lazy. A late. Got up in the morning and brush your teeth or feel like there is no time left after "another pyatminut." No question. Nozzle pinned - and forward. Headphones in his ears, the player at full volume - who plead there - singing along, fulfills articulation or whatever you're doing. Well, time savings, of course. Welcome to the world of lazy and inventive.


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