16 best inventions of women

The first time in the history of RAS post its vice president, took the woman - Waist Habrieva. In her honor, we remember and other prominent women of science, who managed to dispel the persistent stereotype that the engines of progress - are men.

1. Astrolabe. Instrument for measuring the coordinates of celestial bodies invented female scientist, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria in 370 BC. e.

2. Pink Champagne. Nicole Clicquot Barbier in 1808, has developed a technology "riddling", by which the champagne for the three months and gets rid of the sediment becomes crystal clear, has conceived a real success, greatly improving the quality of the drink.

3. Circular Saw. Tabitha Babbitt long watched the men employed saw cut logs special saw with two handles, for which you need to pull it back and forth. Although the load on the two men was the same, sawn timber only when the saw is moved forward and the reverse motion with the log, nothing happened. Babbitt thought it was a waste of energy, and in 1810 created a prototype of a circular saw, which later came to be used in the sawmill industry.

4. Periscope for submarines. With the help of this device, which is patented in 1845. Sarah Mather, determine the distance to the observed objects.

5. Canned meats. In 1873 at the World Exhibition in Vienna, our compatriot Nadezhda Kozhina demonstrated a method for preparing canned meat, for which he received a medal.


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