Rabbit Island in Japan

Okunoshima - a small island located between Hiroshima and Shikoku in the Inland Sea. During World War II, the island was a secret military testing ground for the development of poisonous gases and other chemical weapons. Now the island is crowded cute fluffy bunnies, which are the main inhabitants of the island. Translated specifically for fishki.net
Now the main inhabitants of the island - the rabbits. Their population has risen to 300 individuals. The authorities shall ensure that the island to the island did not get the dogs, cats and other animals that can threaten the rabbits. The area of ​​the island's 700,000 square meters. Rabbits can be found in every corner of the island and they are very friendly. They quietly get on his knees to those people who have something edible. The hotel is located on the island, you can even buy special treats for small animals to feed ...

According to some sources, the rabbits were brought to Okunoshimu to check how the poison, and they were released the workers after World War II ended. According to other sources, a group of schoolchildren come here on a campaign in 1971, and then released 8 rabbits. Be that as it may, the rabbits on Okunoshime and their subsequent generations of well-bred, as there was no predators.

Some still doubt, but whether the island is completely safe because of its past, but it does not stop the fans of rabbits and they come to the island on weekends to enjoy the company of cute little animals.

Former lab to create a poisonous gas on Okunoshime.

Source: avaxnews.net


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