The US Embassy in Moscow cordoned off

The US Embassy in Moscow today was cordoned off. Red ribbons with the word «Danger» fenced off passers-by unknown objects, which lay on the pavement.

Police puzzled, as passers-by. What is it? Bomb? Giant oblong grilled chicken? Is corpses?

Braves decided to approach this something

Among some passersby started to panic. "It's an alien cocoon! The Americans could not conceal their contacts with aliens. Do not touch! "- There was a desperate cry.
But it was too late. Alert law enforcement officers are not scared and decided to explore the unknown object. And it ... these ... cocoons began to unfold!

What they saw there can shock ... probably

It turned out that it was an action against human rights violations in the United States. Activists have supported pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is sitting in an American prison. He has a serious health problem.

Although it is not the most fun and interesting explanation of this spectacle. It is therefore proposed their own versions and possible developments. May God help you to photoshop.



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