In Australia, "resurrected" frogs that give birth through the mouth

These amphibians differed amazing feature of reproduction. After the male fertilizes the eggs, the female swallowed them and kept in the stomach for six weeks. When the tadpoles hatch from them, they came into the world through the mother's mouth.
Scientists have named their project Lazarus (Lasarus Project) - after the biblical character who raised Jesus. A team of biologists transplanted cells Gastric-brooding frog, kept for 40 years in the freezing, in the frog egg related species - large striped (Mixophyes fasciolatus).

This technology is known as somatic cell nuclear transfer, or therapeutic cloning.

Thus, scientists were able to recover the genome of an extinct species of amphibians. In particular, researchers have live frozen cells, which can be used for further cloning.

Despite the fact that the results of the experiment have not yet been published, the researchers presented their achievements in the Washington conference TEDx DeExtinction. Biologists have observed that the cloning method used by his team, will help save many species of amphibians on the verge of extinction.


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