Steve Jobs officially introduced the new tablet Apple iPad

finally resolved the main intrigue of the past months: Steve Jobs officially introduced the new tablet Apple iPad. The master of intrigue, Jobs kept in suspense journalists and Tehnomaniya few months. The network now and then there were various rumors, contradictory, and a variety of images of the new "apple" of the product. Site Valleywag announced hunt for novelty, promising a reward for a photo of the tablet in the $ 10 thousand. Now the secret is out. He said Jobs, Apple was thinking, can you create something between a phone and a laptop. "And this product has to be better than both of these devices," - said the head of "apple company" at the presentation. Apple iPad looks like an enlarged iPhone - even unlock the device is the same way. The technology, according to Jobs, will be used to view photos, read books and the Internet, listening to music, browsing the video games. In general, it all You can do on the iPhone. But on a device with a large screen, of course, watch videos and surf the Internet much easier.


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