Hours of fiction

Watches despite the variety of colors, materials and shapes are quite conservative male accessory. But experiments conducted in this direction. New watches Cabestan Nostromo combine traditional watch making and futuristic appearance. Designer Jean-Francois Ruchonnet drew inspiration from science fiction films - "Nostromo" is the name of the spacecraft from the movie 1979 "Alien". The watch is in titanium with black coating, but the most remarkable - a phosphorescent light. On Cabestan Nostromo light not only numbers, as in most other chronometers, but also on many of the details of the mechanism and even strap that attaches hours a distinct look in the dark. On the dial there are several indicators: three of them show the hours, minutes and seconds, the fourth shows the reserve. The cost of the chronometer will be 150 thousand Swiss francs (about € 100,000).


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