Dembelskaya gazelle (5 photos)

In many cities was heavy snow and did not leave in the attention and the city of Lviv. And as usual in such weather start to slip car on the road.
See how services help services ...

St. Princess Olga, the road at a slight angle. Car stuck Ministry of Emergency Situations and overtakes white gazelle and also stuck.

5 minutes tolkali.i when already well tired ...

from gazelki started vylazit cops.

and even

and together easily pushed gazelki ... all !!!

General goes on "Volga" along the forest road, suddenly sees some ensign desperate voice on the road. Stops. Prapor goes to him: - Comrade General, "Kamaz" stuck, help push, stand for two hours. - Yes, I'm a general! - Well, comrade, General, I'm just not going away until the evening. Well, General, too, a soldier once was, came with his driver and became an ensign to push together. All in mud steel grimy, but still pushed "Kamaz" out of the ditch. General puffing says ensign: - Well, have you got a heavy car ... - Of course, heavy. After all, 40 Dembele in the back!



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