Kenzo engaged in mobile phone accessories

Japanese fashion brand Kenzo is launching a line of stylish accessories for mobile phones. The design covers to suit the most popular mods from the phone, including the iPhone and BlackBerry. Accessories Kenzo creates in collaboration with the French company ModeLabs, with experience of working with such brands like TAG Heuer, Christian Dior and Versace. A direct production will be established in Turkey. It is expected that there will be accessories Kenzo boutiques and brand shops mobile operator Orange in France in December. When will the global sales - is still unknown. It is reported that the design covers are very affordable. Their prices range from € 19 to € 49 90, which is much cheaper than other well-known brands of accessories. For comparison: Burberry Case for iPhone costs $ 170, Louis Vuitton - $ 250, and the cover of soft goat skin from Hermès will cost $ 315.


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