Mobile wallets is the most popular in the south of the Sahara ...


System of mobile payments and mobile wallets - not news for all of us. Members of many countries are using mobile wallets are very active. However, the most actively used подобные residents of African countries in the south of the Sahara. According to a report from Global Financial Inclusion Word Bank, about 12% of adults in this region (64 million people) have mobile wallets , or what Africans call" mobile money account. " This system has no relation to the banks. In about half of these users' accounts "have traditional bank accounts.

Nevertheless, about 50% of users in the mobile wallet Africa completely dependent on their phone in financial terms. Especially popular such systems in Kenya, where about 58% of the adult population has access to your money via mobile phone. As far as mobile wallets, this prepaid cellular operators are not associated with the financial institutions. With this system users can pay bills and send the cash.


A good example of such a service is M-Pesa , owned by Vodafone . The service allows you to put money on mobile account and transfer money to other users of the system (paying for goods or services, for example). The transfer is done by SMS, with PIN-protected.

It should be noted that the owners of such services often provide services to micro-credit with low rates - lower than in the same banks. Thus, the mobile wallet south of the Sahara performs the role as a debit or credit card, without the need to introduce a payment infrastructure for typical "plastic". The "terminal" can serve even the cheapest phone that can transmit SMS.



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