10 natural wonders that people can not explain

"All curiouser and curiouser" - thought suddenly Alise

Sometimes it seems that nature, like the sphinx of ancient legends, plays with us in some one it clear the game by asking more and more questions that can not answer the best from the minds of mankind. The efforts of scientists to explain mysterious phenomena occurring in different parts of the world often only confuses the situation giving rise to the new jigsaw puzzles and terrifying complexity. Fortunately, unlike the bloodthirsty mythical monster, nature is not killed trying to unravel its mysteries, so that each of you can put forward his version of events, which will be discussed in this collection.

1. Funnels hill Mount Boldi

Sand dunes of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, the drafters of the tourist guidebooks called "live" - ​​each year, Hill moved a couple of meters, but there is nothing mysterious. It is well known that the cause of movement is the wind, but none of the experts could not yet explain the mysterious ability of the dunes "swallow" people.

In July last year, a six-year Wessner Nathan fell into a crater with a diameter of about three meters, suddenly formed directly beneath it. Fortunately, the boy was able to deliver from the sandy captivity - It took a team of rescuers, excavators and more than three hours at a time.

That same summer in the hill there is another crater, while geologists studying the curious phenomenon, can not name the exact causes of the huge pits. "Apparently, we are dealing with a previously unknown to science, geological phenomenon" - explains Erin Agaylan geology professor, his eyes watched the operation to rescue Nathan.

2. "The Eye of the Sahara"

Richat structure, also known as the "Eye of the Sahara" - an interesting geological formation with a diameter of about 50 meters, which lie in the middle of the hot desert in the world. When viewed from the height of "The Eye" looks like concentric circles of all shades of blue, it was previously thought that the structure Richat was the result of a meteorite, but recent studies show that it is not - as a rule, in the meteorite crater contains various compounds of silicon, and "Eye of the Sahara" is nothing like that.

Proponents of alternative historical theories suggest that Richat - not that other, as the remnants of the civilization of Atlantis, mentioned by Plato, but according to geologists, "The Eye" was formed over 100 million years ago, so even if the Atlanteans existed in fact, most likely, they have nothing to do with it.

According to one version, Richat - the top of a long extinct volcano, but in this case it is not clear why there is no dome of volcanic rock. Most likely, the origin of the structures for a long time will be the subject of heated debate among scientists.

3. Lacquered skaly

Stone rocks located in the desert, often covered with a varnish-like substance in various shades - from light orange to black. Ancient people scratch out to "lacquer" depictions of animals and portraits of fellow - like rock-art facilities located cave paintings all over the world, but oddly enough, scientists still do not know for sure where does "varnish».

Most of the "nail" is made up of clay, and about a third - of the inclusions of iron and manganese, which give cover various shades, with the concentration of manganese in the substance may be 50 times higher than its average content in the surrounding area. Studying the composition of the "varnish" specialists have found that some microorganisms can accumulate iron and manganese, but if the cover was a product of their life, its thickness would be substantially greater.

Some scientists believe that the substance appeared as a result of some chemical compounds leaching from the rock, while others believe that the "nail" was formed because of the settling of some dust, but conclusive evidence of such version is not. It is now also developed the theory of an alternative biochemistry, according to which, "painting" is the next existence in the world of silicon life forms.

4. Uturunku

The last eruption of the volcano Uturunku located in the south-eastern part of Bolivia, took place about 300 thousand years ago, but the giant height of about 6 km and now never ceases to amaze scientists. During the satellite observations, researchers found that its underground magma chamber filled with about ten times faster than similar fire-breathing mountain.

As a result of hyperactivity Uturunku terrain in the area 70 km around the volcano each year gets a couple of centimeters above. Geomorphology very closely watching this process, apparently, is relatively recent, but that it was the cause, and what this is all over, is not yet clear.

Shan de Silva, a member of the University of Oregon, believes that curious, but somewhat alarming phenomenon may indicate a rapid transformation in Uturunku supervolcano eruption which will have catastrophic consequences for the planet's climate, however, many experts find this version is not too convincing. Whatever it was, Uturunku growing at an alarming rate and no one knows why.

5. Permian Mass vymiranieEkologicheskaya accident, which occurred at the end of the Permian period, is haunted by paleontologists - the reason why in a short time became extinct by 93% to 97% percent of all species, still remains a mystery to scientists.

One of the most popular version is that most of the life on earth has been destroyed as a result of the fall of a huge meteorite, but tangible evidence of this has yet been found. Supporters of other theories suggest that the culprit could be volcanic activity, because of which lit up the vast coal deposits, which in turn caused the greenhouse effect and the sharp rise in temperature.

Some scientists also blame around volcanoes, but believe that not without microorganism Methanosarcina, capable of producing huge amounts of methane. According to this theory, the volcanic activity triggered the explosive growth of the population Methanosarcina, and an increase in methane concentration in the atmosphere, which could also be the cause of the greenhouse effect. Anyway, the experts have yet to figure out because of what happened Permian-Triassic extinction event.

6. Lake Hiller

Lake Hiller was discovered in 1802, the year in one of Australia's deserts - since scientists have been trying unsuccessfully to understand what caused the unusual bright pink pond.

Hiller - not only the pink lake in the world, but if in other cases, the "glamor" shade of the water due to the presence of shrimp and micro-organisms in the lake Pink, located in the state of Western Australia, and algae as in Senegalese Lake Retba, the Hiller is not discloses researchers secret of its pink waters.

Previously, scientists thought that the cause are also bacteria, but studies conducted in the 1950s have not confirmed this version - microorganisms simply would not have survived in the lake due to the extremely high content of salt in it. In the course of further scientific research experts have not managed to figure out what colors Hiller pink, some even claimed that the culprit is an optical illusion, but this assumption does not stand elementary criticism - just to get water from the lake into the bottle to make sure it is really bright pink.

7. Education Hawaiian ostrovov

Most scientists agree that the Hawaiian archipelago came into existence because of the activity of underwater volcanoes.

In the most common version is now, the island emerged from the exit to the surface of the so-called mantle plumes - magmatic fluxes lower layers of the mantle of the planet. As you know, the tectonic plates slowly "float" on the mantle, moving at a rate of several centimeters a year, but the exit point of plumes remain unchanged - this can be attributed to the strong difference in age between the islands and their specific location. According to estimates of experts, the formation of Hawaii began about 80 million years ago and continues to this day, what they say frequent eruptions of underwater volcanoes of the archipelago.

How would this may sound nice version, as long as it remains only a hypothesis, however, is very persuasive.

8. Age Grand Kanona

Grand Canyon - one of the most famous sights of the United States. It is a unique geological formation studied the length and breadth, but geologists are still unable to come to a consensus about his age - some put the figure at six million years, others say about seventy million.

There are different points of view and on the peculiarities of the Canyon - whether he was laid in the rock by the Colorado River, or appeared long before he became a riverbed.

Researchers have several arguments in favor of its versions, each year hundreds of articles out, conducted dozens of studies devoted to this subject, but apparently, the formation of the Canyon more than a dozen years will be the subject of scientific debate.

9. Cracked earth kory

From time to time in different parts of the world there are huge cracks, which scientists call "the greatest tectonic paradox." According to the adopted in the geological community model of the crustal structure, the formation of "normal" faults should be present elevation between divergent edges, and cracks have suddenly does not. In addition, the emergence of "lacerations" on the Earth's surface is usually accompanied by earthquakes, but in the areas of education mysterious cracks seismic activity is observed. Some witnesses of cracks note that at this time heard strange subterranean noise, the source of which is still unknown and scientists.

All this indicates a significant gap in human knowledge about the processes that occur deep within our planet, researchers have yet to answer questions that asks us to Earth.

10. Messina peak solёnostiOkolo six million years ago the Mediterranean Sea dried up, and more than 600 thousand years, in fact, turned into desert - this period scientists call Messina peak salinity.

The most likely cause of "draining" of the "Mediterranean bath" is considered to be blocking communication between the area of ​​the sea and the waters of the Atlantic, but it has caused - in this respect from the experts there is no consensus.

According to one popular version, lowering the water level was triggered by a significant increase in the Earth's polar ice caps, the adherents of other theories say that the cataclysm occurred due to tectonic activity, and as a consequence - a raising of the seabed in the area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar. Unfortunately, in the near future, scientists are unlikely to get information confirming any of these ideas, so that we can only build new assumptions. In the end, the main thing that now there is a new Mediterranean and it really matter who is six million years ago, "flushed»?

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