Angelina Jolie Cambodian session

Louis Vuitton has always been able to find the right person to promote their products. Among the celebrities in advertising uchastvovashih brand at various times were Bono, Sean Connery, Catherine Deneuve and others. Now to the brilliant host of LV prisoedinilasAndzhelina Jolie, who starred in a new campaign called "Basic values". For shooting celebrities invited to the star of the first magnitude not smaller pictures: Annie Leibovitz, is considered the highest-paid photographer of all. The picture shows Jolie sitting in thought on a wooden boat somewhere in the swamps of Cambodia. Of course, a trip to the wilds of South-East Asian actress grabbed her purse Louis Vuitton. French brand chose Jolie as his face, not least for humanitarian merits Hollywood actress. Not by chance a new advertising campaign entitled "Basic values". Jolie is known to actively travels the countries of the third world with charity projects, struggling with AIDS and racism and engaged in other benefactor. At the same time it preserves the glamorous gloss, without turning into a nondescript ascetic. About the same image from Bono, who shot in the last campaign LV. And it was so eager to look Louis Vuitton in the eyes of consumers.


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