Valentino opened his own museum on the Internet

Italian fashion designer Valentino Dzharavani and his closest associate Giancarlo Dzhammetti launched a virtual three-dimensional fashion museum. With the help of modern technology, you can explore the entire 50-year history of the fashion house Valentino without leaving home. The virtual museum exhibition presents about 300 dresses. Each exhibit attached sketches, interviews with designers to help learn the history of dress, as well as photos of celebrities who have worn this dress. The museum also has videos from fashion shows Valentino. If everything is place offline, it would require 10,000 square meters. The presentation of the museum took place on Monday in New York, the Museum of Modern Art. The ceremony was attended by friends Valentino Dzharavani: Actress Anne Hathaway, who plays a leading events and actors Hugh Jackman and Sarah Jessica Parker. Valentino and Giancarlo carried out a project together on their own funds, but further hope that their initiative will support the online giant Google. "I believe that we have created something very important for a new generation," - says the famous designer. video>


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