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As it became known on July 29 last weekend of July in the United States have been particularly successful for the people category X. Blockbuster "The Wolverine" took first place at the box office in America, raking in $ 55 million from their loyal fans. Speaking of Wolverine, we can not forget about Hugh Jackman. I bet other actor would have looked not so organically as a lone fighter for justice and with unique abilities? However, it attracts the attention of the actor is not the steel blades, and its somehow natural, I would say, animal magnetism. I even conducted a survey among friends - whether they like Mr. Jackman? All said - "Oh, yes!" And every second added - "Oh, God, what a man!". And a man is not only in the movies, but in real life. Let me offer you the best role of Hugh Jackman in the movie and in life!

Of course, we know the actor for his roles. And the role of Wolverine for it is the most significant, well-paid and recognizable. So first of all, let me introduce you to Hugh Jackman, Wolverine.

This role is an Australian actor played in 32 years. Before he could get the profession of journalist, to unlearn the Western Australian Academy of Art, played in several Australian TV shows and productions. When in 1999, Hugh Jackman was named best actor in Australia, it drew the attention of Hollywood and invited to get into the "X-Men". In fact, removing the comic book movie, the producers do not particularly hoped that this story will be super-popular. But viewers have made their choice, noting the large fee is not just a movie, but some of the characters, of which the creators have decided to tell a single story.

Does he look like his hero? Jackson himself did not give a clear answer to this question, but even glad when it is called Wolverine. Since this is the hero, who wanted to be like his son. That's the whole Jackman - seemingly steep and inaccessible, but in reality inquiring son!

Few people remember this movie, and it looked a few, however, to recommend to friends! "Flirting with the beast." Starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman. She - a successful, beautiful and self-confident. True, the latter quality is a little faded field failed romance. But, failure in love life has helped her bring a new theory about the relationship between men and women, which was called - the "rule of the new cow." The essence of the theory is that a bull, a cow fertilize more to it does not touch, waiting for a new one. And it (the bull in the sense) can not be fooled. The main character was even conducted an experiment on a farm in the proof of the theory. After the farm, she decided to experiment on humans. And the role of breeding bull chose his colleague, and handsome womanizer, played by Hugh Jackman. Needless to say that the theory has failed, breaking the charm of the hero Jackman? And in this movie he really is charming, attractive and devilishly charming!

Speaking about the appeal of Hugh Jackman, not to mention the most attractive of its role, at least for the fairer sex. The role of the Duke Leopold of Albany in the film "Kate & Leopold". All girls dream of a prince on a white horse! And Hugh Jackman literally make this dream a reality, I'm sorry, in the movies! Yes, a little corny. Yes, too much of a gentleman (unfortunately, this is not the meet). But, girls, let's be honest! You would have refused such a sample men met him in real life?

It is said that women value in men a sense of humor. He is a bad man, he can not laugh at themselves. He can. Proof of this, the participation of Hugh Jackman in the film almanac Ā«Movie 43". Jackman was lit in the sketch "catch" the most enviable groom playing in the city with the eggs on the neck (sorry for the description, but all was well). Perfectly beaten anatomical anomaly of his hero, Jackman says that this is the role of the nude in his career.

I promise you, "animals" as Hugh Jackman, not only in the movies, but in real life. Maybe I went through, not all films that starred the actor, but his main role in life I can not mention, especially because Jackson argues that this is something worth to live and work. The role of a family man, husband and father.

Hugh Jackman is already 17 years married to actress Deborra-Lee Furness, his senior by 13 years. They have two adopted children, which was adopted by a couple after failed attempts to get pregnant Deborah. Hugh said his wife, a woman and the best mother in the world. By signing a new contract for the movie, he will definitely prescribe in the contract of the weekend in the shooting, which he spends with his family. Jackman calls his wife his anchor in life and says that thanks to her, he remains a man. But the paparazzi had not found him with another or stoned. For all to see a photo of Hugh Jackman with his family.

So, if you do not understand - Hugh Jackman is a perfect man. So familiar and inaccessible. Let us hope that this story will never end.


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